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What Is the Secret to Reaching Someone With Words?

In this discussion, you will post issues related to connecting generations. To support your ideas, refer to the texts in this section, other texts you have read, and your personal experience and knowledge. Begin your discussion by considering the following questions:
How can words or stories connect generations?
How can interactions between generations create conflict? Can words resolve these conflicts?
What can each generation teach the other?
Why might is sometimes be difficult for two generations to communicate?
Why might the words of the older generation be especially important at times?

Here is what I wrote:

Both the older generation and the younger generation can teach different things to each other. For example, the younger generation can teach the older generation how to use newer technology, like laptops or phones, while the older generation can teach the younger generation about different war strategies that worked well in the past. Also different stories may also appeal to the younger generation. War stories from veterans are a great example for how different stories can connect to the younger generation. They are older so that makes them more experienced in some ways. Another ways that storied can connect to the different generations, is by a story that is passed down from generation to generation. That story can either be one of a past family member or just a story that was made up and passed down. By having a story like this, you can have the younger generation and the older generation connect with one another and share different stories. Something else besides words to connect the younger generation to the older generation can be a plethora of different things. For example, a piece of art in a museum made several decades ago could really leave an impact on a student or visitor who was visiting it, not only that, but it could also leave an impact on one person who is from the older generation as well. And with that art piece, it could connect a handful of both generations to talk about that piece and why it impacted them so much. The words of the older generation are not just old stories or just some old people looking back to the good old days, they can be words of wisdom and knowledge. These words can be especially important if the younger generation is faced with a problem that the older generation had to face. The older generation can the help the younger generation in many ways. For example, If the United States want to war with Mexico over the amount of land or something, and the older generation was in war for the same reason a decade or so ago, then the older generation can give the younger generation the information that they already had and help them win the war. While all this may be good for the two generations to communicate and interact, there is also a down side to it all. It might get difficult for the older generation to communicate with the younger generation at times. With all of this new technology coming out, it may be difficult for the older generation to keep up with it. Based on from what I have seen with my grandparents, it is harder for them to learn how to use all of the new phones or touch screen laptops. This could easily cause a problem when it comes to communication. It also may be hard for both generations to communicate because a good portion of the younger generation´s lives revolve around technology and things such as that. But speaking of communicating with both generations, interacting can also cause conflict between the younger generation and the older generation. For example, the generations could get in an argument between whether robots are a good thing or whether they are a bad thing for the world. Depending on how both generations would determine whether the argument would turn out good or not. Over all, I think it is a good thing for both the older generation and the younger generation to connect and interact with each other despite our different thoughts and ideas about life and things in the world.
p.s. no one take what I wrote.. Use ur own stuff (and they will know u cheated)

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  1. It seems to me you discussed issues, but you never addressed What Is the Secret to Reaching Someone With Words?

    a) consider using powerful ideas that they understand
    b) sticking to the topic, letting them figure the details (there is no better teacher than experience)

    Now on your writing. Did you proof it? It seems really disjointed, almost like a train of thought. There is no power in disjointed ideas.

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  2. Your ideas are good. Is it possible that some things about human life do not change from generation to generation, even though technology changes? Does the beauty of a rose change from year to year just because we now have IPhone 10 instead of a flipphone? The love of a mother for her child? Does the scourge of disease change (although the disease itself might be different). Does the human capacity to deal with adversity change from generation to generation? Can we learn from our elders who have more experience with such basic matters? Consider that.

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  3. Thank you both!

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