So I need help with a lab, I'm not looking for answers, I want to know if my answers make sense, so this is the pre lab introduction:

In a series circuit, electrons travel along a single pathway. The movement of the
electrons through the circuit produces current. In a simple circuit, a battery can be
used as a source of electrons. Current increases as the voltage of the battery
increases. A 12-volt battery, for example, can push more electrons through a circuit
than a 9-volt battery.
The table below shows the effect that increasing voltage has on the brightness of a
light bulb.

Voltage (V) Light Bulb
1 No Light
4 Dim Light
12 Bright Light

Light bulbs and motors are called loads. Loads are sources of resistance. In a series
circuit, each electron must flow through consecutive resistors. If there are multiple
light bulbs connected in series, a single charge flowing through the circuit must
pass through all of the light bulbs. As the overall resistance in the circuit increases,
each light bulb shines a littler dimmer. This effect occurs because as the resistance
increases, the rate at which each electron flows through the circuit is reduced. It is
important to remember that as resistance increases, current decreases.
The table below shows how adding more resistance affects the current in a series
circuit that is supplied by a 10-volt battery.

Number Of Lightbulbs Total Resistance (Ω) Current (amps)
1 14.9 0.67
2 30.3 0.33
3 45.5 0.22
4 58.8 0.17

Use the tables to answer the following questions:
1. How does changing the voltage in a circuit affect the current in the circuit?

My answer:

I need help understanding this one

2. What is the impact of adding more light bulbs in series?

My Answer:
As you add more bulbs, the total resistance (Ω) increases and the Current (amps) decreases.

3. In the series circuit, is the current constant throughout the circuit, or does it

My answer:

The current is not constant throughout the circuit, it varies.

asked by ItsGottaGetEasier
  1. adding more lightbulbs will make them dimmer.
    the current in a series circuit is CONSTANT in each part of the circuit.

    posted by bobpursley
  2. Wait are you sure bob?

    posted by ItsGottaGetEasier
  3. Why would you not believe a man who taught math and sciences for years and has been tutoring in these subjects since 1995 or before?

    posted by Writeacher
  4. I just meant according to the tables

    posted by ItsGottaGetEasier

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