1 Most materials have weak magnetic properties because _____

a their paired electrons spin in opposite directions
b their magnetic domains are aligned
c their electrons spin
d their atoms are electrically neutral

2 Which is a brittle material that is stronger than most metals and is commonly used in magnets?
a alloy
b ferrite
c nickel
d cobalt

3 Alnico is _____

a an alloy of metals with strong magnetic properties
b any material containing iron
c a brittle mixture of substances containing ferromagnetic element
d an element found in nature that behaves like a magnet

4 Which particle in an atom creates a tiny magnetic field when it spins?

a nucleus
b electron
c proton
d neutron

5 Magnetic domains are _____

a groups of atoms that act like little magnets
b atoms that have north and south poles
c groups of atoms that have paired electrons
d atoms with electrons that spin in opposite directions

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  1. and your thinking is????

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  2. 1.b

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  3. none are correct. Number 2 question is technically and issue of the word "stronger". Stronger in what sense? tensile strength? Magnetic properties? ductle? Ferrite is a brittle ceramic material, as the question is written, I would go with that. It is a poorly worded question.

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