Social Science

A Manifesto for Creativity.

I have an assessment on creating a manifesto that enhance creativity in workplace and I'm really out of idea.

The assessment details include
- how can creativity best be encouraged within workplace
-what can you do as a future leader to ensure that the people you work with can fulfill their creative potential

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  1. First, understand what a manifesto is: a public policy statement of goals and vision.


    a. <<And with your courage and with your compassion and your desire, we will build a Great Society. It is a society where no child will go unfed, and no youngster will go unschooled.
    We are going to assemble the best thought and broadest knowledge from all over the world to find these answers. I intend to establish working groups to prepare a series of conferences and meetings—on the cities, on natural beauty, on the quality of education, and on other emerging challenges. From these studies, we will begin to set our course toward the Great Society. >>

    b. Longer, but definitely a manifesto of equal opportunity.

    So in your assignment, if I were doing it, I would start with the I have a dream speech, then you vocalize what you dream about having a creative atmosphere, where folks grow, are not motivated by fear, but by hope and aspiration. Vocalize these thoughts, then make note cards with each major thrust of thought. Then, put it together. It sounds like fun.

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