Can someone please confirm the following?

1. The yellow house down the street from me is for sale.
(Down is underlined)
a. preposition
b. conjunction
c. adjective
d. adverb
I think #1 is A, or C.

2. A pregnant person knows how difficult it is to get in and out of her car in her eighth month.
Is this correct? Below are all of the options.
A. her, their
B. their, her
C. her, her
D. his or her, their

3. You can’t trust ________ or ________ to complete the project on time.
A. him/she
B. him/her
C. he/her
D. he/she
I think it's B.

4. That quilt is ________; my grandmother and ________ made it before she passed away.
A. mines/I
B. mine/me
C. mines/myself
D. mine/I
I think that it's D.

5.Choose the correct sentence.
A. He voted hisself a raise.
B. We voted ourselfs a raise.
C. She injured herself.
D. The twins dress theirselves.
I think it's C.

6. The email was confusing; the contents confused Veronica as well as ________.
A. I
B. myself
C. me
I think it's B.

7. Perhaps no one understands how influential the Beatles were more than
A. her
B. she
C. herself
I think it's A.

8. The Volkswagen buses plastered with peace and flower-power decals, the people selling the Grateful Dead paraphernalia, and the sharing of food and resources—no one enjoyed these more than ________.
A. we
B. us
C. ours
I think it's B

9. Apostrophes should not be used with which of the following?
A. proper nouns ending in S
B. plural nouns
C. possessive nouns
I think it's B

10. Have you completed all of your ________ yet?
A. homework
B. home work
C. homeworks
D. home-works
I think it's A

11. Several ________ have to be considered before making a final decision.
A. criteria
B. criterion
C. criterias
I think it's A

12. My ________ are coming over for Thanksgiving Dinner.
A. sister in laws
B/ sisters in law
C. sisters-in-law
D. sister-in-laws
I think it's D.

13. The (blank) will meet tomorrow to discuss some upcoming projects.
A. editor-in-chiefs
B. editor in chiefs
C. editors in chief
D. editors-in-chief
I think it's D

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  1. 13. yes
    12. No
    11. Yes
    10. Yes
    9. Yes
    8. No
    7. No
    6. No
    5. Yes
    4. Yes
    3. Yes
    2. If you mean C, yes.
    1. ??

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  2. Thank you

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  3. You're welcome.

    Be sure you're clear on pronouns' cases and when to use what. For example, you don't use the objective form of a noun or pronoun when it's being used as a subject.

    This concept is why this is erroneous ~~> "Me and my brother lived in different towns during the 1970s."

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  4. 7. is C?
    8. is A?
    12. is B?


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  5. 7. No
    8. Yes
    12. No

    Please don't post about these again.

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  6. Sorry, I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to. Thanks for your help.

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