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Can you please help me with these translations? I know this is just homework help and not "we're going to solve your problems" but I have been slaving over these problems for hours and yes I have cried. I have scoured every resource available, including ones like wiktionary and Google translate but I have found no answers. This is one of my first Latin exams and I'm so confused because there are words I don't recognize and there isn't any way to know if they're typos or not without risking my grade. I can translate the basic vocabulary but some of them (the last one especially) make 0 sense but my Latin teacher has strung some nonsensical things together before and so there's no way to know whether I'm right. Thank you.

1. bella ab Graecis in (against) Romanist gesta erant.

2. puella pulchra ab nautis Graecos pugnare gladio docta est

3. magna cena ab poeta claro reginae ferae parabantur

4. nauta pulcher (can be beautiful or handsome btw) magico vino victus est.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked by Leo
  1. Have you tried the glossary in your text, a Latin dictionary, or Google?

    posted by Ms. Sue
    - my teacher's latin appendix and dictionary
    - wiktionary
    - google translate
    - other translators
    They all come back with different results.

    posted by Leo
  3. Oh, I have the first three but I don't know how to edit, so here's what I have:

    1. The Romans had waged war against the Greeks

    2. She was taught to sword fight by the Greek sailors

    3. The great dinner was prepared by the poets for the Queen.

    The last one still messes me up though.

    posted by Leo
  4. Writeacher will probably help you later this afternoon.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  5. Thank you, I can wait C: You guys are so helpful here, I'll be sure to keep an eye out.

    posted by Leo
  6. Capitals and punctuation would be a good idea, as would copying EXACTLY from whatever this text or exercise is.

    1. bella ab Graecis in (against) Romanist gesta erant.
    Go back to your text and make sure you have copied this exactly. A couple of things don't make sense.

    2. puella pulchra ab nautis Graecos pugnare gladio docta est
    You're almost right. What does puella actually mean? Then type your translation again.

    3. magna cena ab poeta claro reginae ferae parabantur
    Look at the nouns -- cena, poeta, reginae. Now look at that verb with -bantur as its ending. Isn't that verb plural? Which of those nouns can be the subject? Remember, plural verbs need plural subjects.

    4. nauta pulcher magico vino victus est.
    No thoughts on this one yet? Give it a try.

    posted by Writeacher
  7. I have copied the problems exactly. It'd help to know that my Latin teacher is, uh, not very good at making sense. He's strung together some pretty ridiculous things before. The last one, what I've got there is "A handsome sailor conquers (or lives) the magic wine." The 'handsome sailor' part is right but I'm very sure magico is a typo even though it comes up in Wiktionary.

    For number three: I see what you mean, I think that reginae must be the subject then. So that means I pair parabantur with Reginae because they're both plural. Therefore, "The great dinner was prepared by the poets for the Queens".

    For number two: "The girl was taught to sword fight by the Greek sailors"?

    posted by Leo
  8. Something else to add, I think Romanist was meant to be Romanis and that's what I used to translate it as but I could be wrong.

    posted by Leo
  9. "Romanist" does not occur in Latin.

    posted by Writeacher
  10. Here's what I think, but then if your teacher is playing around making up weird sentences, there's no guarantee!

    1. Bella ab Graecis in Romanis gesta erant.
    Wars had been fought by the Greeks against the Romans.

    2. puella pulchra ab nautis Graecos pugnare gladio docta est
    The pretty girl has been taught to fight with a sword by Greek sailors.

    3. magna cena ab poeta claro reginae ferae parabantur
    The fierce/wild/uncivilized queens were provided a huge feast by the illustrious poet.

    4. nauta pulcher (can be beautiful or handsome btw) magico vino victus est.
    The handsome sailor has been conquered by means of magic wine.

    posted by Writeacher
  11. Thank you so so much! I see exactly what you mean now, my issues were with sentence structure mostly. I'll put these in, I am so great full. I will let you know what I get ☺️

    posted by Leo
  12. You MUST identify the verb first and then the subject -- make sure they match. If they don't match, then that's not the subject for THAT verb!!

    And remember that word order in Latin sentences is definitely not the same as word order in English sentences!

    posted by Writeacher
  13. This was a test for a high school where a curriculum team makes the questions not the teacher so please don't insult them. Regardless, you just cheated on your segment exam. Students can always get help from their teacher but not on the exam.

    posted by Karen
  14. Teachers, please do not answer these kinds of questions on the internet. These are blatant homework/test questions and by answering them, you are enabling students to plagiarize. This also is a discourtesy to those of us who WANT to help our students understand this beautiful language, vs. them just getting through by cheating. Thank you for your assistance with this chronic problem!

    posted by Latin teacher

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