Social Studies

If you were an entrepreneur, which Eastern European country might be the best place to start your new business? Explain your reasoning.

Can someone name a country that might be good to start a business in, that way I can look it up and explain my reasoning?


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  1. Wouldn't it depend on your product or service you are planning?

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  2. bobpursley is right. Many years ago a friend of mine was in Poland at the time when the Soviet hold on the country had collapsed. Young entrepreneurs saw an opportunity they had been denied. They wanted to start a sausage factory. They had not considered that there are many sausage factories in Poland and another one might not succeed in a market already flooded with sausage.

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  3. I know, but it's like a coal factory, and what they're asking me is where would a good place in Eastern Europe be to start a coal factory. Do any of Y'all know where a good place is in Eastern Europe to start a coal factory? I don't need the whole answer, just a place, then I'll come up with the reasoning on my own.

    Thank You If You Help

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  4. I would suggest Germany or France or is that not East enough?

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