1. Which of the following statements about mechanical waves is true?
a. mechanical waves require a medium to travel through
b. mechanical waves do not have amplitude and wavelength
c. mechanical waves do not have frequency
d. mechanical waves can travel through blank space

2. Which waves have the shortest wavelength and highest energy on electromagnetic spectrum?
a. microwaves
b. x-rays
c. infrared
c. gamma rays
My answers are b and d

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  1. b and gamma rays.

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  2. This is the Google Forms Lesson 3, Quiz.
    1. A [ mechanical waves require a medium to travel through]
    2. D [gamma rays]
    3. D [Infrared have lower frequency than X-rays]
    4. B [2 Hz]
    5. D [parallel (same direction)]
    6. A [it is refracted]
    7. C [1-crest, 2-trough]
    8. C [gases]
    9. B [they will be absorbed]
    10. D [lowest pitch- Wave 2, highest frequency - Wave 1]
    I hope this helps. Enjoy your day! :)

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  3. All are correct

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  4. there right

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  5. so is he right or wrong???

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  6. I think wrong...

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