From an overflowing gutter above the window the water poured in a steady stream onto the courtyard. It sounded like a waterfall in some faraway mountain village.

Tsuruishi took out a handkerchief and began wiping Ryo's wet hair. A feeling of happiness coursed through her as she looked up at him. It was as if the rain had begun to wash away all the loneliness which had been gathering within her year after year.

She went to see if they could get some food and in the corridor met a maid in Western clothes carrying a tea tray. After Ryo had ordered two bowls of spaghetti, she and Tsuruishi sat down to drink their tea, facing each other across an empty brazier. Later Tsuruishi came and sat on the floor beside Ryo. Leaning their backs against the wall they gazed out at the darkening, rainy sky.

Which of the following best describes the mood created by the situation and the setting?
A. flirty
B. loving
C. passionate
D. friendly
PLEASE help! i think the answer C

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  1. I think you're correct. I'm not the best at checking answers, but B also seems correct too.

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  2. I don’t think this is passionate.

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