Flying an airplane at 500 km/h, a pilot plans to reach her destination in 5 h. But she finds a jet stream moving 250 km/h in the direction she is traveling . If she gets a boost from the jet stream for 2 h how long will the flight last?

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  1. a 2 h boost from the jet stream puts her 500 km closer to her destination

    at 500 km/h , she is an hour closer

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  2. To find your answer you can multiply 250x2. The pilot is taking the jet stream for 2 hours that's why we multiply by 2. You will get 500km. The airplane is going at 500 km/h so the answer would be 4 hours, she is 500km closer than before.

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  3. if ur reading this text me at3312233682 and tell me if u go to hgms btw the answer is 4

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  4. 4 hours/500km

    ~Joe Mama

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  5. Sksksksksks and i oop- the answer is 4hours.

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