A nonstop flight from Albuquerque, NM to Atlanta, GA takes 3 hours, if the plane flies a total of 1,269 miles, what is the plane`s unit rate in miles per hour? (1 point)
A: 3,807 mph*****
B: 1,266 mph
C: 432 mph
D: 423 mph

Help mee

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  1. miles per hour means ... miles / hours

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  2. What?

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  3. Angel, make sure you learn the math symbols for use here and elsewhere online. Scott is telling you to divide. That's what / stands for.

    add is +
    subtract is -
    multiply is *
    divide is /

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  4. Ohhhhhhhh! Thanks! now i understand!

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  5. And would that be 423 mph?

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  6. Yes, right.

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  7. 423 miles and you have to divide

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  8. Be a big kid

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  9. Which is correct ?

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