Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.

Choose the sentence that uses the passive voice.
a. Brandon and Jake haven't been told the new yet.****
b. That restaurant has never received a good review.
c. Krista's cat was born with six toes on each paw.
d. The sprinkler has been running for two hours.

I believe this is correct, but I'd like to know more about the passive voice and active voice. Can someone explain them to me in detail?

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  1. You are correct. This might help explain active and passive voice.


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  2. You're right; it's "a."

    Passive and active voice:

    Basically, if the subject in a sentence or clause is DOING the action of the verb, that's active voice. If the subject in a sentence or clause is NOT DOING the action of the verb, that's passive voice.

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  3. Thank you Reed and Writeacher!!! This helped so much.

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