Identify the verb form that correctly completes each sentence.

1. Have you BLANK your pencil again?
a. drop
b. dropping
c. dropped*****
d. none of the above

2. The accident BLANK Peter to be careful in the lab.
a. teached
b. taught
c. has teached
d. none of the above******

Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.
3. Which of the following sentences uses the passive voice?
a. Almost every night Frances sang her son the same lovely lullaby.
b. Because of the light color, Jason gave the room a second coat of paint.
c. Have you ever been taken to the state fair?******
d. Despite her talent, Ms. O'Neil never became a famous writer.

4. Identify the sentence that uses the active voice.
a. We went skiing every day on vacation.
b. They had been warned about the storm.******
c. Mistakes were made by the city council.
d. The painting was stolen from the museum.

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  1. 1. correct
    2. incorrect
    3. correct
    4. incorrect

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  2. @Writeeacher is number 2 Taught?

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