world history

“ Somebody must show that the Afro American race is more sinned against then sinning, and it seems to have fallen upon me to do so. The awful death toll that judge Lynch is calling every week is appalling, not only because, of the lives it takes, the rank cruelty and out rage to the victims, but because of the prejudice it fosters in the stain it places against the good name of the week race. The Afro American is not a bestial race.”
- what statement best expresses the meaning of the metaphor “Judge Lynch” in the text from the preference to southern horrors?
A- African-American mops were committing many murders
B- African Americans were frequently sent to jail by corrupt judges
C- Many African Americans were being murdered by mops
D- Judges Often approved the death penalty for African Americans


  1. Nope. Neither. What does the word "lynch" mean?

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  2. Okay, but what I’m getting from the passage is that people don’t like African Americans because it says they are more sinned against than sinning. At the end it also says African Americans are not a cruel race. I’m probably wrong so can you please clear it up a bit more?

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  3. Didn’t mean to make my name Reed sorry!

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  4. Make sure you are crystal clear about what this phrasing means --

    "more sinned against then sinning"

  5. In this piece of writing, there is no real person named "Judge Lynch". The "judge" is the mob that lynched African-Americans.

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  6. So whats the answer?

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  7. I have completed the unit test a while back and will tell you to think about the way society treated African - Americans at the time. That would be your answer.

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  8. Here lemme post everything
    just wait a sec

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  9. 1:b

    Remember jishka: First Amendment... that's all, see ya

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