1 supersized cone for $8 or 4 regular-sized cones for $5.

The large cone is has a radius of 5 inches and a height of 12 inches.

Each of the 4 smaller cones have a radius of 2.5 inches and a height of 6 inches.

Which holds more ice cream? the 1 big cone? or the 4 smaller cones combined?

The $8 Large cone volume = 314.159?
The $5 Smaller cone volume = 39.2699?
The volume of the 4 small cones combined = 157.0796

So the larger cone holds more ice cream.
And it should be the better deal right?

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  1. Yes, you are coorect

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    posted by Reed
  2. Volume of each cone: 1/3 PI*radius^2*height
    Volume of supersize: 1/3*PI*25*12=100PI
    volume of 4 regulars: 4*1/3*PI*2.5^2*6=50*PI
    larger holds more than 4 regular.

    better deal:
    cost 50 PI icecream: smaller, 5 dollars
    cost 50 pi icecream: larger: 8/2=4 dollars

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