hey people!! im new here and i just got an essay to do on english altough its the first day of school!! please guys i really need your help.. its a essay on the following topics:
2-love is not all it's made out to be
3-a glorious sunset
4-stories like ours have happy endings

and it has to be 400-450 words in length. please guys do you know where i could find essays on the above topics?? u don't wanna be a rotten egg this year im gonna cahnge and do my work cause my life depends on it!!! thanks guys i hope you will help me

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asked by wayne
  1. please mind my spelling errors im a newbie on the keyboard.. i meant I don't wanna be a rotten egg!

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    posted by wayne
  2. I believe your teacher wants you to choose one of those topics and write your own essay. Reading other people's essays wouldn't help you.

    After you've written your essay, post it here and someone will be glad to comment on it.

  3. ms sue please. i don't understand any of it. its like my brain is gonna explod wit all this stress. so please give me one of your old summer eassy?? and its due tomoro:(

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    posted by wayne
  4. What don't you understand?

    What do you like about summer? What don't you like about summer? What do you do in the summer?

    Surely your brain is not going to explode as you answer those questions.

  5. I also wnna do an essay 4 english about stories like ours have happt endings plz help me ppl

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    posted by mac

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