American Government

which of the following are examples of civil liberties? select all that apply.
A) shooting a person in anger
B) protesting on a busy street
C) speeding in traffic
D) not incriminating yourself in court
E) serving in the army

My answers are B & D

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  1. Yes, B and D.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you very much

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  3. You are very welcome.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. 1 a
    2 b and c
    3 b
    4 a
    5 b and d
    6 b and c

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  5. Sexy Chimichunga's answers do not apply to the honors class.

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  6. honors u.s. government
    1) B - provice
    2) B, C - the police, a woman
    3) C - search warrants limit... being issued
    4) B - right to privacy
    5) A - due process
    6) A - the right to privacy...
    7) B, D - protesting, not incriminating
    8) B, C - competent, checks

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  7. ^
    the answer to 1 should be "provide", i spelled it wrong

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