Math calculus 2

A 500-gallon tank initially contains 200 gallons of brine containing 85 pounds of dissolved salt. Brine containing 1 pounds of salt per gallon flows into the tank at the rate of 44 gallons per minute, and the well-stirred mixture flows out of the tank at the rate of 1 gallon per minute. Set up a differential equation for the amount of salt A(t) in the tank at time t. How much salt is in the tank when it is full? (Round your answer to the 2 decimal places).

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  1. dx/dt=ri*ci-ro*co where x is amount of salt in tank.

    but volume=200+(ri-ro)t=200+(44-1)t
    = 200-43t
    so dx/dt=44*1 -x/(200-43t) check that.
    see for the rest

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