1. You are currently in what stage of Erikson's stages of life?
A - 1 point - 3 — take initiative
B - 1 point - 4 — develop skills
C - 1 point - 5 — search for identity
D - 1 point - 6 — establish intimacy

2. What type of maturity takes place as your body begins to look more like an older version of your gender?
A - 1 point - physical maturity
B - 1 point - emotional maturity
C - 1 point - mental maturity
D - 1 point - social maturity

3. The age in which you have your actual birthday is known as your ___ age.
A - 1 point - biological
B - 1 point - social
C - 1 point - chronological
D - 1 point - actual
1. B or C - I mostly think it is B.
2. A - That one is easy, so I know that is correct without a doubt.
3. Guessing C, even with reading the lesson, the question still makes 0 sense to me.

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  1. 1. B or C - I mostly think it is B. I don't know because I don't know how old you are.

    2. A - That one is easy, so I know that is correct without a doubt. Yes.
    3. Guessing C, even with reading the lesson, the question still makes 0 sense to me. Yes, C.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. just took the quick check, its chronological

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  3. can somebody maybe antswer all of the quetions pleats

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  4. the first one is wrong it is c not b just tellin ya

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  5. 1: C

    100% for connexus

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  6. jamescharelwho is right gracias

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  7. thx fam

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  8. thx

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  9. JAMESCHARLESWHO? is 100% correct!

    Love yall

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