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Which correctly names a Ray shown in the figure?
2) ec**
Which line is parallel to line b in the diagram
The walls of a room are representations of what basic element of geometry
Use the diagram shows strength relationship between segment A.B. and segment cd

  1. 9
asked by Oliver
  1. 4.

    posted by Oliver
  2. We can't see your figure.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. I love how people copy and... oh wait. You can't copy and paste in Connexus. Heh. Have fun cheating your way to college then failing terribly.

    posted by Lucas
  4. Lucas, lol, you can copy-paste. There's a simple bypass to it and takes an extra 5 seconds each time.

    posted by Anonymous
  5. Is ANYBODY on this website MATURE other than ms.sue srsly BEHAVE UR SELVES. and help answer questions.

    posted by journey
  6. Lucas screw off!

    posted by Phoenix
  7. What are the answers tho

    posted by journey
  8. journey -- you're about to be banned for trying to cheat.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  9. Actually, in connexus you can copy and paste by right clicking the question, pressing "Inspect", Right clicking the thing highlighted in blue, Pressing "Edit Html" And then copy and paste the question.

    posted by Yo tengo
  10. At least your "Heh" Lasted for a Bit.

    posted by Yo tengo
  11. 1.b

    posted by Yo tengo
  12. If anyone trusts those answers -- I have a bridge to sell you,

    posted by Ms. Sue
  13. Uhh...What are you saying -.-

    posted by Yo tengo
  14. I'm sorry to say this but Ms. Sue is right you should not cheat at your work because I us to and they found out and held me back so do not do what I did.

    posted by Sarah
  15. Even if you get held back, no one would know or really care in online school. Also Ms. Sue my answers are correct, go sell bridges to other people.

    posted by Yo tengo
  16. Yo ten go is right. So yeah go sell this bridge to someone else “ teacher “

    posted by Annabeth
  17. Omg you say we are cheaters but.... Why are you even on the website??? Huh? if we are cheatin and on the website and your on the website what are you doing. Go get a life and stop acting like a beach

    posted by Connexus Helper
  18. That was towards Ms. Sue and all the other h8rs and fakers who act like they just wandered into a website

    posted by Connexus Helper
  19. Yeah everyone cheats on this site

    posted by Yo tengo
  20. Pretty sure that Ms. Sue is that fake from 3 weeks ago posing as her.

    posted by Anonymous
  21. "screw off lucas!" This site is for HOMEWORK HELP. If you think that you can make it to college, NEWSFLASH, YOU WON'T. Sorry to have to talk aggressively for you to understand me, but no, YOU screw off.

    posted by Lucas
  22. F Mrs sue

    posted by Anonymous
  23. "F" YOU, Anonymous!

    posted by Lucas
  24. No, really. She can't help because she can't see the picture of the figure. We all can't.

    posted by Lucas
  25. YO tengo is correct i got 100% thank you Yo tango

    posted by Awesome helper
  26. lmao yo tengo with the albert reference

    posted by alert
  27. To get ur mind off all this bleh talking comment ur fav song :)))))))))))))))

    posted by .................................
  28. thanks yo tengu! my fav song is oh no by marina and the diamonds. :)

    posted by Maria
  29. ack von JULIO. Also np for the answers Maria and awesome. ;) @alert

    posted by Yo tengo
  30. YO TENGO -Albert

    posted by ya yeet

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