A parking garage charges a base rate of 3.50 for up to 2 hours, and an hourly rate for each additional hours. The sign below gives the prices for up to 5 hours of parking.

Parking rates:
2hrs. $3.50
3hrs. $9.00
4hrs. $14.50
5hrs. $20

Which linear equations can be used to find x, the additional hourly rate?

A) 9.00 + 3x = 20
B) 9.00 + 3.50x=20
D) 2x + 9.00 =14.50

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  1. C. 2x + 3.50 = 14.50.

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  2. Rate for 4 hours:
    (4-2)x + 3.50 = 14.50.
    2x + 3.50 = 14.50,
    X = $5.50/h.

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