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    1.)Find the exact solution algebriacally, if possible: (PLEASE SHOW ALL STEPS) sin 2x - sin x = 0 2.) GIVEN: sin u = 3/5, 0 < u < ï/2 Find the exact values of: sin 2u, cos 2u and tan 2u using the double-angle formulas. 3.)Use the

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    sine and cosine have a period 2pi tangent and cotangent have period pi Can someone explain why? thanks a lot. well tangent is sine/cosine and there a place where the tangent function is undefined and that is where the asymptotes

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    An item is shot off the ground at a force of 31N and an angle of 36 degrees. In order to find the vertical force, would I use SIN, COSINE, or TANGENT? would it go 31 * COS/SIN/TAN (36) or 36 * COS/SIN/TAN (31)??

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    Write the following expression as the sine, cosine or tangent of an angle. cos 3x cos 2y + sin 3x sin 2y

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