Intensive Reading (CHECK MS SUE)

Which statement best reveals an author's purpose?

A.In the article, it is clear the author has talked to many people who fought for civil rights.
B.The author wants readers to understand the development of voting rights in America.
C.The author offers an interesting point of view on the topic of voting rights history.
D.In the article, it is clear the author has information to offer readers.***

I believe it is D am I right?

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  1. Why do you think D is better than the other three choices?

    What does your text say?

  2. It doesn't include a text, at first I though it was C but I checked it and now I think it is D. Am I right?

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  3. How does your teacher expect you to find this information?

  4. Let me add to Ms. Sue's comments. Since we have not seen the article, it's impossible for us to agree or disagree with your answer, if this refers to a specific article. Any non-fiction article on any topic will aim to accomplish both B and D. In fact, both B and D say much the same thing, just in different words. If the author offers his/her opinion of how to interpret the information presented, or tries to convince the reader of a particular point of view, it's no longer reportage, the presentation of information, but an opinion piece.

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