The school library has 2,469 books. Two-thirds of the books are paperbacks. How many books are paperbacks?
HELP I don't understand any of this!!

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asked by Hunger Games Nerd Gurly
  1. suppose I told you that half of 10 books are fiction. How would you figure that out?

    You multiply 1/2 * 10 = 5

    So, the same thing here. "of" usually means you multiply. Two-thirds of 2469 is

    2/3 * 2469 = 1646

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    posted by Steve
  2. 2/3 B=P
    2/3 *2469=P
    solve for P

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    posted by bobpursley
  3. Basically all you have to do is multiply 2/3 and 2,469 and you'll have your answer.

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    posted by Gurl nerd
  4. 1,646 books

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    posted by Abbie
  5. The school library has 2,469 books. Two thirds of the books are paperbacks, how many books are paperbacks?

    Please work out the problem for me, it would mean alot
    Thank you!

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    posted by Vincent

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