I have a few science Questions I need checked, Plz

Hi Guys, so, I only have 2 questions, But, I'm a little confused on all of them, could someone check for me

One of the ways humans can preserve biodiversity Is

habitat destruction
habitat preservation***
habitat fragmentation

A country comissioner wants to reduce the amount of waste sent to the local landfill, Which of the following would result In the greatest reduction of waste

composting food waste

recycling glass, plastics and medals***

reusing rubber, leather and textiles In new products

Planting more trees In forests

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asked by Elizabeth
  1. Yes, but I suspect you mean metals and not medals. There are a lot of medals around but most are lost not thrown out. It is also a good idea to compost food waste and recycle rubber, although despite the weight of tires, I have a hunch that the glass, plastic and metal category wins.

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    posted by Damon
  2. Lol, Yes, Thanks Damon!

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    posted by Elizabeth

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