I have to write a short silent play and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. Can someone help?
Its suppose to be in this format.

1. reveal information
2. raise the stakes somehow
3. have the character do something irrevocable s/he cant take back
4. top that
5. climax and end the play

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  1. A silent play, as in mime, or like a silent movie? The irrevocable act could be anything with dramatic or comedic impact. Somebody robs a bank, accidentally (or intentionally) shoots another person (murder, manslaughter, serious injury). It could be someone accused of sexual harassment or assault - anything at all that might provide drama. It could be someone who has died of old age only to have his secret paramour turn up to grieve at the funeral, the first hint to the family that the old man wasn't what he seemed to be - had a secret life. It could be comic, not dramatic. Use your imagination. If you have questions about the format, please ask them specifically, and I'll try to answer them.

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    posted by Reed
  2. i am sure they are referring to a pantomime. i strongly suggest not acting out sexual harassment (even if words were used, this is an unnecessary angle). i remember being in drama where people would pretend to cut and kill themselves, the most uncomfortable thing to watch. in drama, make it interesting for yourself and classmates.

    just an idea if there are two people:
    person 1 magician, person 2 audience
    p1: reveals to classmates the magic is fake
    p1: flicks wand
    p2: freezes or does something silly
    (oh no! the magic worked!)
    p1: nervous and flicks wand again
    p2: hops around like a frog
    p1: attempts to change back into person
    p2: turns into predator animal and chases magician off the stage area
    end scene

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    posted by B0b

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