Can Anyone help me with this physics problem?

The piston of a bicycle pump is circular in shape and has a diameter of 3.18 cm. When you exert a pushing force on the pump handle, it exerts a pressure of 225 kpa on the air inside the pump cylinder.
1) What is the force exerted on the pump handle?
2) What is the pressure of units of psi?
Note: the 225 kpa is gauge pressure. If the force on the handle had been zero, the gauge pressure would be zero because the pressure inside and outside the pump cylinder would be the same.

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  1. At a playground, a 19.7-kg child plays on a slide that drops through a height of 2.29 m. The child starts at rest at the top of the slide. On the way down, the slide does a nonconservative work of -368 J on the child. What is the child's speed at the bottom of the slide?

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  2. radius = .0318/2 = .0159 meters

    area = pi r^2 = 7.94*10-4 meters^2

    force = 225,000 Newtons/m^2 * 7.94*10^-4m^2
    = 22.5 *7.94 N
    = 179 Newtons

    32.6 pounds/square inch
    225,000 Pa =

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    posted by Damon

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