Digital art and design, I need to check :)

Hey, Is it alright If I check a few answers, Thx guys!! :)
1) Art provides Info about the history of the people who created It
True or False
I'm thinking False, Because art can tell a story, Yes, But It's not nessarally always about the creator

2) What do digital artists add to films with actors
A) Nothing
B) Makeup
C) Costumes
D) Set Design

I'm stuck between B and C, I asked my tutor for help, And she was also stuck between the two, Because digital designers can add makeup and costumes to someone In movies, However I have to choose one

asked by Mougarb
  1. I'm not sure there's a good true/false answer to #1. Each piece of art has some of the artist's ideas (therefore his/her history) in it, but all art is not about the history of the artists.

    #2 -- Think "digital"!! If your instructor thinks it could be B or C, then it could also include D.

    posted by Writeacher

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