Azeem bought 30 dozen eggs. Out of which 30 eggs were rotten. If he bought it for Rs 1800. What should be the selling price of each egg to get a profit of one rupe per egg.
Please explain it I can't get it

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  1. Just think it through.
    He bought 30 dozen, or 360 eggs
    So the cost price was 1800/360 RS or Rs 5 per egg

    But he can only sell 330 eggs.
    According to the wording of the question, he wants to make a profit of 1 rupe per egg, but it doesn't say if that profit is based on the eggs bought. Since profit is usually based on cost price, ....

    then he wants to make a profit of Rs 360 (1 per each egg he bought)
    ... or his income has to be 1800+360 = 2160
    but he only sells 330 eggs, so the selling price must be
    2160/330 or appr Rs 6.55

    ... based on my interpretation of the problem

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  2. In my book is answer is 6.45

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