Math (Helping my brother)

Kyle types college reports for $2.15 per page. He also charges $5 to cover the cost of supplies. Write an expression for total earnings for typing a report of p pages. Then evaluate the expression for a 28-page report.

A) 2.15p + 5; $60.20

B) (2.15 + 5)p; $200.20

C) 2.15 + 5p; $142.15

D) 5 + 2.15p; $65.20

I think it's C? Idk for sure I'm so confused!

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  1. C has 5 dollars per page. I dont't think so.

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  2. Do you which might be it??

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  3. Yes. Which ones shows 2.15 per page? Which one shows (2.15 * 28) + 5?

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    Ms. Sue
  4. $2.15 per page
    p= number of pages
    2.15p= 2.15(28)+cost of supplies
    supplies= 5

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