Hardy Weinberg: Biology

Can someone explain how to answer these questions given the different variables given? I have a test soon.

Dr. Martin Brenner and his team have built a space ship which can travel at the speed of light
(186,000 miles per second) and travel to parallel dimensions. Dr. Brenner is interested in the
population genetics of a unique species in the Upside Down dimension. Using his space ship,
he travels to the past 11 million years to execute his research and study a population of
Demogorgon draconems, the other world’s only species. It weighs 7000 kg (15,432 lb) and
has six stages of development from larva to adult. The adult species skin color changes from
blue (dominant) and grey (recessive). Assume the population is in Hardy-Weinberg
equilibrium. Dr. Brenner observed 111 blue Demogorgon draconems and 69 grey
Demogorgon draconems during his study.
A. Calculate the frequency of the blue allele in the population?
B. How many of the animals were heterozygous?
C. Calculate the frequency of the homozygous recessive genotype?
On a second trip to the Upside Down, he observed 1001 Demogorgons.
A. How many do you think will be grey assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
B. How many do you think will be blue assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
C. How many of the blue animals are homozygous for the dominant allele?

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asked by Allie
  1. Blue are hetro, and homozygous.
    grey are homo,
    BgxBg, freq of BB is .25, gg is .25, and Bg is .50 at equlibrium.

    a. freqBlue=111/180
    b. and 1/3 the blue(BB, Bg,Bg)+all grey are home=111/3+55= ....
    c. freqHomorecessive=2/3*111+69

    a. 1001*.25
    b. 3/4*1001
    c. 1/3*3/4*1001


  2. For Part 1:
    A. I did 111+69=180... 69/180=0.383. Square root that to get 0.619. Plug in that answer for q into eq'n p+ 0.619= 1. P=0.381

    So, the rest of the problem would have different answers. So which one is correct?

    In a population ofDemogorgon draconemsthat are mating randomly,11percent of the Demogorgonshave purple scales(purple is anautosomal recessive(p) trait) and 89 percent have yellow scales(the normal colorP). Assume the population is inHardy-Weinberg equilibrium.A.Calculate theallelic frequencies ofPandpand B.Calculate the genotypic frequencies ofP/ PandP/ p?

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    posted by Allie
  3. The other question is the second problem. Not sure how to derive at the answer. Could you help with this as well?

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    posted by Allie
  4. a, p=0.38
    b, 2pq=0.48, 0.48*180=87

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