What Is Happening to my Posts?

you have to ask a homework help question, not talk about korean foods, you cant just spam the forum


I was talking about botin-tang, a soup from my country; not 'spam.' I don't even eat spam... yuk :(

im not talking about the food spam, spam is when you write things that don't relate to the forum and are just random

i don't really care that that you shared some of your culture with us, but the website administrators probably removed that post

Al, I apologize! I did not know that my comments were embarassing to the message board. I will not say more if it is offending you. So sorry.

no, i am not offended i think it it is fine, but the website people probably removed it

But, Al, I do not want to offend the website people, either. They have been very helpful to me in teaching me about the English language. Now I feel ashamed; I have ruined their message board and been a very poor representative of my country. I am very sorry.

its ok man, they won't get mad at you for one post

we will continue to supply you with help

Hi Kung!

I didn't remove the post (I don't really have the ability to as far as I know) I didn't even see it. But the reason it sounds like it was removed is because it did not have to do with homework.

What we are trying to do here is help people, like yourself, with homework questions. If we start letting questions not related to homework into the board, it will be harder for people to find answers to their questions.

I love Korea. I spent a few weeks in Seoul years ago and, since I'm now in Taiwan, would love to go back for a visit sometime. Maybe there is a forum out there were people share differences between different cultures.


But why did they take it down, then? They must not have liked.

Before I left my country, grandfather say: "Kung Li, you are to be a good representative of our culture." But now I believe I have failed. I am so sorry.

Your question has nothing to do with whether or not they respected your culture. Here's the answer:



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asked by Al

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