A physics professor is going ice skating for the first time. She has gotten herself into the middle of an ice rink and cannot figure out how to make the skates work. Every motion she makes simply cause her feet to slip on the ice and leaves her in the same place she started. She decides that she can get off the ice by throwing both her gloves in the opposite direction. Fortunately she has brought massive insulated gloves.
a) Suppose she has mass 65.0 kg and her gloves together have mass 1.40 kg. If she throws the gloves as hard as she can away from her, they leave her hand with a speed 4.60 m/s. Will she move? (Select yes or no)

b) If yes, determine her speed.

c) If the rink is 10.7 m in diameter, and the skater starts in the centre, how long will it take her to reach the edge, assuming there is no friction at all?

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