All of the following are the result of the increase in large-scale, green revolution agriculture in the region, except:

A. more than 2 million small farmers have been forced to sell their land in Brazil alone since 1985.

B. there has been an increase in poor farmers heading to the cities for work as farmers lose their land.

C. political protests by disenfranchised farmers have caused governments of large countries such as Brazil to reconsider the rush to green revolution style agriculture.*******

D. poor farmers and farm laborers have organized movements such as the Movement of Landless Rural Workers in Brazil to occupy unused portions of large farms.

asked by Jake
  1. What region?


    posted by Writeacher
  2. South American region

    posted by Jake
  3. Read your text and/or several of these search results and let us know which YOU THINK is the correct answer.

    posted by Writeacher
  4. I think it is C but I'm not sure

    posted by Jake
  5. I'm not sure, either. I'm finding conflicting information among those search results. You must go with what you have read in your text, though. It's the final word!

    posted by Writeacher

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