Which accurately describes similarities between feudal Europe and Japan?
(Select all that apply.)

the peasants in both Europe and japan received goods instead of money for their work efforts

the warrior class in both Europe and japan followed strict moral codes

the people of Europe and japan were the first to use coinage instead of a barter system

the warrior class in both Europe and japan denounced religion in favor of war-like practices

I think its a and c

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  1. I agree with a, but not c.

  2. coins were used as far back as 600BC.
    d. is silly, no one denounced religion in either culture
    b. is a gross generalization, but your teacher might want it. Myth says it is true...Sir Lancelot and all that.
    a. often true.

  3. so its a and b?

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  4. Yes.

  5. ok thank u

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  6. You're welcome.

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