1. Did you get up early or late?
- I got up late.
(Are the question and answer suitable?)

2.He is leaving for Paris.
He is starting for Paris.
He is departing for Paris.

(Are they all the same?)

3. Is Jean a male name or a female name?

4. Will we use cars 20 years from now?
Will we use cars for 20 years from now?

(Do we have to use 'for' or not? Are both OK?)

5. Do you use 'the petrol station' or 'the gas station' in your country?

6. I will get a new car soon.
I will buy a new car soon.

(Does get mean 'buy' here?)

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asked by John
  1. 1 is fine.

    2 - all are OK, although the second one is not used much.

    3 - In France, "Jean" is for a male and "Jeanne" is for a female; in the US, "Jean" is for female (and "John" is for male).

    4 - The first one is correct -- the second one isn't.

    5 - In the US, the phrasing is "the gas station" - in other countries, it's "the petrol station."

    6 - Both are fine; "get" and "buy" both mean to purchase although "get" is more colloquial than "buy" is.

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