Which of the ff. sentence is the most formal in style?
I’m applying to be an intern to gain experience with your company
I’m applying to this internship to gain experience with your company
I’d like to apply for this internship in order to gain experience as a part of you company
I want to gain experience with you company, so I’m applying to an intern

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  1. What do you think, and why? We'll be glad to critique your answer.

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  2. I would say none.

    -- Not one has correct end punctuation.
    -- B and D have an error in preposition choice (should be "for this internship" (not "to").
    -- C and D have an error in pronoun choice (should be "your" not "you")
    -- D also has the word "intern" instead of "internship" (or maybe that was just a lazy mistake).

    Carelessness will get you nowhere!

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