principles of finances

according to my interpretation of the question in October they would collect:

the 10% of the August sales = .10($10,000)
the 20% of the Sept sales = .20($20,000)
and the 70% of the Oct sales = .70($30,000)

Do the arithmetic and add them up

A project has an inital outlay of 4,000. It has a single payoff at the end of year 4 of $6.996.46. What is the internal rate of return for the project (round to the nearest %)?

A company collects 70% of its sales during the month of the sale, 20% one month after the sale,and 10% two months after the sale. The companyexpects sales of $10,000 in August,$20,000 in September, $30,000 in October, and $40,000 in November. How much money is expected to be collected in October?

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