Social Studies

When were the middle ages?
1. before medieval times
2. between ancient and modern times
3. after modern times
4. between medieval and ancient times

Who was Charlemagne?
1. king of Vikings
2. a French serf
3. a Greek emperor
4. king of franks

this is the quiz from connections academy help please there are 8 more questions

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  1. Breesa -- the purpose of a quiz is to find out what YOU know. Since you haven't given your answers, I assume you haven't read any of this lesson and know nothing about it.

    Are you asking for help or are you asking for answers so that you can cheat?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Me.Sue I am asking for help.i don't understand how what they are asking. also I don't need help anymore I got a good grade on my quiz.

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  3. I would have added some answers.
    5. the period between when kids go to college and retirement.

    5. the inventor of a pink bubbly wine.

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  4. Bobpursley, unless that was a joke, you can’t “add answers”.

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  5. but Breesa what is the answers

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  6. The answers are trust me i got an 100%
    i got 10 Questions if you have less than they are still the same answers
    u welcome

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