us history

a majority of the early english migrants to the chesapeake bay area were

a. families with young children
b. indentured servants
c. wealthy gentlemen
d. merchants and craftsmen
e. disfranchised catholics

is it b?

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  1. A majority? No, not indentured servants. Re-read your text materials ... carefully. I'd say either d or e.

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  2. what decribes the Deism?

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  3. its not e i think its d

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  4. you guys are really . its B.

    the catholics went to freaking maryland. are you freakin kidding me?

    and the craftsmen were all in the North. ever heard of a freakin artisan?

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  5. it is most definately B. A is incorrect because they were mostly men. The death rate was so high from maaria that there were not many families.

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