1. I feel like a toy.
2. I want to have a toy.
3. I want to take a toy.
4. I want to buy a toy.
(What does #1 mean?)

5. I feel like as it I am a princess.
( Is this one correct?)

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  1. 1. For example: I am bouncing around from one belief to another like a rubber ball.

    I feel as if I were a princess.

    ("were" is subjunctive, not used much in English)

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  2. Ah, here it is :)


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  3. 1. I feel like a toy. -- This is not well stated, as Damon explained above. It does not mean the same as the others.

    2. I want to have a toy.
    3. I want to take a toy.
    4. I want to buy a toy.
    2, 3, and 4 are fine, but don't mean the same thing.

    5. I feel like as if I were a princess.

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