Last year, a property managerbought five identical snow shovels and six identical bags of salt. The total ost of the snow shovels was $172.50, before tax, and each bag of salt cost $6.20,before tax.
This year, the property manager bought two identical snow shovels and four identical bags of salt. The total cost of the snow shovels was $70.38, before tax and the total cost of the bags of salt was $26.04, before tax.
Determine the item with the greatest percent increase in the price from last year to this year. Be sure to include the percent increase of this item to the nearest percent. Show your work

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  1. just compare the change in unit cost to the original unit cost...

    shovels: (70.38/2 - 172.50/5)/(172.50/5) = 0.02
    salt: (26.04/4 - 6.20)/6.20 = 0.05

    so, the shovels went up 2% and the salt went up 5%

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  2. IT WENT UP 532 %

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  4. 2% Salt and 5% Sholvels

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  5. I had this question and it was hard but I got it thanks

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  6. The answer is 666

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