Collecting and Analyzing Data There are two types of observations: qualitative and quantitative.
Qualitative observations use words to describe what is observed during the experiment. These
notes are kept in a journal or logbook. Quantitative observations use numbers, such as calculations
and measurements that are recorded in data tables. Scientists around the world use the same
system of measurement called the metric system. In your experiment the unit for volume is cubic
meters (m^3). The unit for temperature is Kelvin (K). Create a data table for the quantitative data of
the lab.

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  1. It means what it says.
    Data table is make a chart to insert numeric data in.

    Do you always tell tutors not to lecture you? Surprise! In college, that is what you will get full time. It will be your job to listen, absorb, and translate it in your head to words you understand yourself, and can apply.

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