To Writeacher,Bobpursley and Damon

I posted again at my question avilable


I would be glad if you have a look at that.

Thank you!

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    I am not certain if your intent is to study physics further than bachelors level or else.
    If you go beyond a BS in Physics, there are many, many career fields in physics at the PhD level. By that time, you have specialized in a specific area in physics. So I am guessing you are in high school, getting ready for college. I assure you it is far too early to get specific on physics career, as you are likely to
    a) change your mind or interests
    b) discover new interests that lead you to them
    c) new fields of inquiry or exploration develope in which you are interested.
    Those happened with me, as did it happen to Prof Damon, as he stated. WE change, the field changes, and the demands for work change.
    What do physicists do? As we know them today, the answer is here:
    PS: my BS is in Elec Eng, then MS in Elec Eng, then MS in Systems Engineering, then various other advanced degrees in National Security, and finally, as retired, a chemistry and physics teacher. WE change, the field changes, and the needs change.

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