Art plz help fast!

(On all of these you need to be on internet explorer)

1. Picture: a peasant family cook over a campfire by Bartolomeo Pinelli, it is the first image on web/images
The image pictured her is conveying what message to you as the viewer?
The family is close but may not have a great amount of money***
The family is wealthy
The family is not close and does not spend time together
This is a community function and celebration

2. look up Picture: dance before a fountain by nicolas lancret and woman ironing by edgar degas (Both of these are the first images on the web/images)
These images pictured here were created for similar purposes but convey different messages. Which of the following describes the purpose and the message?
The purpose was to record an important historical event, and both are telling a story of wealthy people
The purpose was to create a Unitarian product, and the message was to advertise the product
The purpose was to record historic events, and the message was life in the time of war
The purpose was to create aesthetically pleasing art that conveys a message of daily events***
Picture:commodore thomas macdonough by gilbert sturat
In Gibert Stuart's painting, he successfully captured
a casual image of a soldier
a former image of a soldier***
a war scene
a casual family image

Picture: A study of Clouds with a sunset near rome
The image pictured her is primarily portraying what type of scene?
The middle of a lightning storm
clouds gathering before a storm***
a windy snowstorm
a clear and sunny day

5. Picture: Mrs Tinkman by William Mumier
The art of photography created many new options for artist to create images and messages. This image is successful in
portraying the message of the importance of a large family
showing the woman having a conversation with a child standing next to her
portraying a tranquil family scene
creating the illusion and message of a ghostly presence in the women's life****

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asked by Abigail
  1. are these right??

    posted by christian
  2. Thanks get them all right!

    posted by Ember
  3. For 100% on Conexus The answers are

    1) A

    2) C

    3) B

    4) B

    5) D

    I spent for ever on this quick check and promise on my life these are right.

    posted by Babmii
  4. Babmii is right omg!! got a 100!!!

    posted by Poopy
  5. Thx Babmii I GOT A 100% (^^)

    posted by RoxyAnim
  6. Thank you bambii

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  7. thanks my dudes/gals

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