Precalculus 11



Multiply top & bottom by -1


is that correct? I have an answer here that's -(2a-5)/(5a-2) but I don't understand how to get there...

Thanks :)

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  1. Normally, in a polynomial, we write the polynomials in decending powers of the variable.. as in a^3+3a^2 + 6a + 10
    so to do that,
    Your work: 6a^2-15a)/(6a-15a^2)

    Your work: (3a(2a-5))/(3a(2-5a))

    Multiply top & bottom by -1 and this is where your made your error.

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  2. I have looked at this for 2 days & not understood but I think I get it...

    so you multiplied the top & bottom by -1 which made the top 5-2a but then you factored out the negative making it -(2a-5)/(5a-2)

    is that correct?

    Thank you so much for your help :)

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