Rachel and Rena are sharing a bag of jellybeans. Rachel ate 1/5 of the jellybeans. Rena ate 1/6 of the jellybeans left. Rachel then ate 2/5 of the remaining beans. Rena then ate 2/3 of the ones left. Rachel then ate half which left them two yellow jellybeans which the girls shared.

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  1. Rachel J/5
    Rena (1/6)(4J/5) = 2 J/15

    now remaining J - J/5 - 2 J/15
    =15 J/15 - 3 J/15 - 2 J/15
    = 10 J/15 = 2 J/5

    now Rachel eats 2/5 *2 J/5= 4J/25
    now have 2 J/5 - 4J/25
    = 6 J/25
    now Rena eats 2/3
    1/3 * 6 J/25 = 2 J/25 left
    half of that = J/25
    2 = J/25
    J = 50

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