21) T/F. Reflection is an important element for children in an early childhood portfolio.
22) T/F. Rotating and changing areas and materials in the room creates insecurity in the children.
23) T/F. Rubrics are not an appropriate use of self-assessment in early childhood.
24) Some of the inappropriate uses of assessment in early childhood are the
I. use of tests to compare teachers, schools, and school districts.
II. use of tests to judge the success of a program.
III. use of entrance tests to determine readiness and admittance to kindergarten.
IV. use of tests to determine the retention of children.
V. use of test material to determine what should be taught.
A- All of the above
B- I, III, IV, and V
C- I, II. V
D- I, II, III, and V
25) T/F. Teachers should not interact or interfere with children during free play experiences.
26) T/F. The best measure of a child's success will be the child's performance on a standardized test.
27) The early philosopher who suggested that children pass through developmental stages was
A- Locke.
B- Pestalozzi.
28)T/F. The entire book supply should be out at all times so that children have a good variety from which to choose
29)T/F. Toy boxes are not an appropriate means for storing young children's toys.
30) When early childhood teachers use a needs assessment, they learn
I. individual children's strengths.
II. developmental needs of individual children.
III. competencies that need to be taught and those that need stressing.
IV. which children can be advanced and which retained.
A- All of the above
31) T/F. With regard to parent meetings, both the topics planned and the time and amount of meetings planned in a year should be based on the needs of the parents involved.

I just need help better understanding these questions

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  1. Please do not post any more questions until after you have posted reasonable answers to the other questions you posted.

  2. 21) T
    22) F
    23) F
    24) C
    25) F
    26) T
    27) D
    28) F
    29) F
    30) A
    31) T

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  3. I agree with two of the first five answers.

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