In Aunt Melly’s attics there are also spiders and ants, the total of 136 legs and 20 heads. If a spider has 8 legs and an ant has 6 legs, how many spiders and how many ants are there?

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  1. s + a = 20 , where s is the number of spiders and a is the number of ants.

    8s+6a = 136

    you have two equations in 2 unknowns, just solve for s and a

    hint: I would use substitution using s = 20-a

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  2. 56

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  3. So aunt melly but your nephew, YNW Melly, has a murder on his mind and is in jail.

    Btw, YNW Melly is a rapper, look him up.

    signed by- XXXTENTACION

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