ASL; American Sign Language

Hi, I'f someone could let me know i'f my english and ASL transcript is correct I would greatly appreciate it? I need to make a short dialogue between two people at least five sentences and then write it in ASL gloss beneath.

(Mom) Elizabeth (Shift Left): Hey Kendra how was school?

(Daughter) Kendra (Shift Right): Hi, mom it was good.

Elizabeth (Shift Left): Do you feel like lunch?

Kendra (Shift Right): Sure, sounds good.

Elizabeth (Shift Left): Do you want salad or sandwiches?
ASL: (Shift right) SALAD (Shift left) SANDWICHES (Center) YOU WANT WHICH?

Kendra (Shifts right): Salad, sounds good.

Thank you so much for your time and any answers given?

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